The Vote Is In – Customers Love Our New Dashboard Features

Our tech team knows that the mobile advertising market is very dynamic, which is why our highly-skilled engineers are constantly updating and improving our system with new technologies to fulfill users’ demands.

In the last couple of months we announced in our website our new transfers menu, support system and dashboard page, featuring users’ overall information displayed in charts.

This month’s updates resulted in great feedback from our customers.

So what were our most praised dashboard features?  See details below:

  • Dashboard with Breakdown per Country: 

Our simple and user-friendly dashboard page with information from the chosen country makes it possible to know exactly how your app is performing in that location.

  • Country Breakdown per Parameter: 

A world map where the user chooses a parameter (impressions, clicks, eCPM, etc) and date range to see how the app is performing globally.

  • Media Breakdown per Country and per Campaign Type: 

When the user clicks on an app or website to see its performance, they can now view overall data, its performance per campaign type (how many impressions were from pay-per-click campaigns, how many clicks were form pay-per-install campaigns) and country-specific data.

  • Full Report with Breakdown per Country: 

RevMob’s full report lets users view and export reports for all-time or select date ranges as well as filter by media types and country.

If you decide to focus on a specific country, you can now control performance from the dashboard by selecting options from a drop-down list. Within a specific country, the dashboard will show how much revenue is being earned there, today’s estimated revenue, impressions, clicks, eCPM, etc.

These new features bring even more power and control to developers. With readily available information on how traffic is distributed around the globe, and how the promoted app is performing in each country, users can define where to focus efforts, where to cut advertising to save money, and more.

Be sure to check out our new dashboard at and tell us what you think!

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