RevMob’s New Video SDK Makes ‘Rewarded’ and ‘Interstitial’ Video Ads Easy

Many developers these days are looking to increase user engagement and revenue through video ads. To help them, RevMob has announced a new video SDK that allows developers to easily include rewarded and interstitial video ads so they can monetize their user base to its fullest potential.

First, here’s a brief overview of what rewarded and interstitial video ads are:

Rewarded videos:

Imagine playing your favorite mobile game and running out of “lives” to continue playing.  A message then flashes across the screen: “Watch this video to earn a life to continue playing.”  After you hit play and watch the video, you’re back in the game.

Interstitial videos:

Interstitial video ads are typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app, such as between activities or during the pause between levels in a game. When an app shows an interstitial video ad, the user has the choice to either tap and view the ad or close it and return to the application.

Next, here are four reasons why you should try the new video SDK from RevMob:

  1. Customization – For rewarded video ads, developers can determine ad frequency, feature videos up to 30 seconds as well as deliver an ad in context, i.e. when a user almost beats a high score. For interstitial video ads, developers can also determine ad frequency, enable the user to “skip” the ad after a specific session length, feature videos up to 30 seconds as well as displaying only after certain session length.
  2. Easy implementation – With the SDK, both rewarded and interstitial video ads are easy to implement with several pre- and post-roll banners for developers to choose from.
  3. Increased engagement – Mobile game users often respond to reward videos because of the incentives, while interstitial are a “low interruption” ad that puts the video in a full-screen in front of the user.

RevMob offers CPV payment method and supports Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) tags to facilitate for advertisers.

RevMob’s new video ad SDK is designed to greatly improve your eCPMs and revenue. If you’d like to learn more, please visit

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