Revmob new SDK: performance, stability (& 10% bonus)


We are proud to present our new SDK version – 9.1.0. The major focus of this release is performance, stability and distribution, the latter through strengthening our cross-platform libraries inventory. We’ve been working on the last few months to reduce the SDK size to a minimum and to run it through a new and severe quality assurance process, in partnership with our biggest publishers.

To celebrate this release, we’ll give a 10% bonus on the July 2016 ad revenue generated by all these new SDKs automatically if you integrate them by the end of June.

sdk_001Today we can say our SDK is the lightest of the big players in the market, with 199Kb for Android and 20Mb for iOS. Its overall latency is under 100ms, which can be reduced to zero if you pre-cache our ads. Our data usage has also been reduced by our compression algorithms, as has our memory usage.


When it comes to stability, the new QA process has given very good results. Data from more than 100 million users shows that amongst the biggest players in the market our SDK is by far the most stable, with zero crash reports, while the others have dozens daily.


In distribution terms, we developed the first official advertising package for React Native, started a partnership with Corona Labs, completely refactored our SDKs for Unity, PhoneGap / Cordova, Adobe AIR, GameMaker: Studio and GameSalad, running them all through our new QA mentioned before. Also, we renewed our support policies for these SDKs so that we’ll provide support in less than 24h.

Talking about integration, we didn’t like our old SDK documentation that much, so we redesigned it from scratch. It’s now inside our console, as one of our tabs, with much more usability, much better examples and way more beautiful (cheers, design team!). It also has a new rating system, so please give us your feedback.

Did you like the new SDK? What about the new documentation? Tell us about them in the comments. We’re also available at and

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