RevMob’s App Developer Roots Started with Ant Smasher

At RevMob, we often claim we know the app developer.  The reason is simple – we got our start as a game studio called Best Cool & Fun Games.

BCFG was responsible for some early game blockbusters such as Bunny Shooter, Go-Go-Goat and the biggest of all: Ant Smasher.  The game saw almost 100 million downloads on Google Play and another 50 million downloads on iTunes.

When BCFG was created, the studio had less than 10 people and was trying to make a hit by creating as many games as possible and releasing them to the app stores. Ant Smasher was one of them. By using a sophisticated App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy, Ant Smasher made it into the Top 10 list of free apps throughout the world. Today it is still on top of the app charts in many countries.

As its fame grew the game started going viral through word of mouth and became a lesson in how a simple and fun game can make it big.  User-created videos such as these helped Ant Smasher’s downloads immensely:

The app’s success led to many other ant-smashing games to be released but none managed to beat the global popularity of Ant Smasher.

Following Ant Smasher, the folks at Best Cool & Fun Games thought they may have learned a few things about mobile app advertising and promotion, and decided to create their own mobile ad network. BCFG then became the initial publisher base of Best Cool and Fun Mobile Ads (later RevMob).

The rest, as they say, is history…

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