RevMob Expands Headquarters as Fortune 500 Brands Embrace Mobile Advertising

I’m excited to announce that RevMob has expanded our headquarters, doubling our office space and adding employees to better the take advantage of the opportunities in the growing mobile advertising industry.

While we have expanded offices, we are still located in the heart of the Brazilian business district in Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo. The area is home to some of the biggest companies in the country, including the Latin American divisions of many U.S. brands, a key customer target for RevMob’s premium mobile advertising network. RevMob currently delivers mobile advertising services to a Fortune 500 company in the region. 

As big brands take a closer look at mobile advertising as a vital tool for effective marketing, we are revving up here at RevMob to drive the evolution of the mobile advertising industry. We believe RevMob can deliver the depth of service that big brands are seeking by continuing to build out our technology, hiring premier talent and growing our marketing and strategy team.

In the past year, we tripled our tech team to make continuous enhancements to our product while doubling our business team since January. With our rapid growth and new partnerships, we aim to offer companies the invaluable mobile consumer demographics that companies are seeking.

Our goal for RevMob is to lead the mobile ad revolution.  With our latest expansion, we are well on our way!

To see the full press release on our HQ expansion, click here.

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