RevMob Average CPIs for Publisher Higher than Competition Across the Globe

RevMob Mobile Ad Network 

A recent look at average CPIs across the globe by the mobile ad industry versus RevMob’s average CPIs showed some very positive results (see geo-located Android CPI chart below).

Almost across the board, RevMob is leading the industry CPI average on Android devices by anywhere from 12 to 147 percent around the world.  This demonstrates RevMob’s commitment to our customers in offering the best CPIs and highest eCPM rates in the industry, driving quality traffic to our advertisers and increased conversions.

A closer look at the numbers reveals some interesting details.

RevMob CPI

North America, Europe and Australia currently have the highest CPIs and eCPMs.  This is likely due to the fact that these regions offer the widest range of offers to mobile consumers, such as games, subscription services, consumer brands, e-commerce, etc.  On average, RevMob offers nearly 80% higher CPIs than competing networks in these regions.

In Latin America, average CPIs by RevMob is 39 percent more than competing networks. While only Mexico and Brazil are represented, user behavior is fairly similar across all Latin America countries and this number is likely representative across the region.

In Indonesia, RevMob registers 25% higher CPIs than the competition.  CPIs and eCPMs are generally lower in the Middle East, Africa and Asia because of the language barriers in translated advertising creative.  However, role-playing mobile games are spurring growth in Asia and make up much of the mobile advertising in the region.

CPIs are a great measurement of the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns, and we’re happy to see we are leading the industry.

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