Programmatic Advertising Meets the Mobile Ad Network

Nothing is hotter these days in the world of mobile advertising than programmatic.  But what exactly is programmatic advertising and how does it work with a mobile ad network?

Programmatic ad buying involves the use of intelligent software to purchase digital advertising, replacing the process of requests for proposals (RFPs), human negotiations and manual insertion orders that’s been the time-honored way of doing advertising since the era of “Mad Men.”

In essence, programmatic is ad buying at the speed of light, relatively speaking.   Another way of looking at is programmatic lets the machines do the talking. 

Programmatic buying and the mobile ad network model are complementary solutions. Basically, the ad network buys impressions through the insertion orders programmatic solutions provide, usually buying impression batches based on specific targeting. The ad networks provide a platform to demand-side platforms (DSPs) so the only work that they have is to create programmatic campaigns with specific target and bids.

In the programmatic buying model, DSPs make real-time bids to compete for every impression, intermediated by a so-called ad exchange. Advertisers and developers can work through DSPs and supply-side platforms (SSPs), respectively, to buy and sell traffic to different sources in real time.

What’s the benefit?  Advertisers can conduct straightforward and simple campaigns through the mobile ad networks, reaching their target audiences cost-effectively.  Since programmatic solutions are focused on real-time auctions, advertisers can also check what features the DSPs can provide regarding individual impressions, such as retargeting.

Working together with leading mobile ad networks such as RevMob, programmatic solutions leverage machine-based logic to find you more targeted customers more quickly at ad rates that offer optimum ROI.

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