What kind of developer are you?



Dear developers,

What kind of developer are you? What are your inspirations? Do you use Mac, Linux or Windows? As a developer, you might have some very unique skills and goals. And mapping them are essential to our market. After all, do you want to know what it takes to be a competitive dev in the future? Which platform will dominate the market in the upcoming future?




Revmob is thrilled to announce its partnership with the State of the Developer Nation Survey, the biggest independent survey for developers of the world. It is aimed at measuring the pulse of the developer community, tracking all the latest trends on tools, platforms, developer skills, monetization, salaries, etc.

Besides helping the market to know better how devs work and their profiles, inspirations and preferred platforms, this is a unique opportunity to win lots of prizes – including a Google Pixel, an Oculus Rift, a Surface Pro and even an MIT professional education program, among many other perks and advantages, including an exclusive report on the state of developers worldwide, which will help you and your company to better understand how development will continue to evolve in the future.

If you are a developer monetizing with us, please check your e-mail (or click here) and don’t miss this opportunity 🙂





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