MWC 2015: What the Big Brands Want from Mobile Advertising

It was a busy time for events this month for RevMob.  We exhibited at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and attended Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain – all in the same week!

At MWC, we enjoyed discussing RevMob’s role in the future of mobile advertising with industry leaders, media and customers.

I was pleased to see that the mobile app exhibition area had doubled since last year and featured several mobile advertising companies as well. This shows just how fast our industry is growing.  

It also brought home the point to me that as the industry grows, the big brands of the world will be taking a much closer look at the industry’s depth of service.

One of the key features brands will need is the ability to target specific consumer demographics, such as “single mom, mid-30s, loves dogs.”  The industry is not able to deliver that level of granular detail yet. In fact, most companies are not even trying to develop a solution.

Rest assured that RevMob is on the case.  We have already announced a partnership with Beintoo to leverage data from user “dwell-time” within beacon signals and geofences to segment highly targeted audiences for mobile ad campaigns.  We are hard at work on additional ways to offer the level of demographic detail brands are seeking.

There’s also the issue of building rich media creative for brands.  A rich media ad contains images or video that involves some kind of user interaction for better engagement. Most big brands just don’t have the in-house tech team to deliver a rich media experience to consumers and need outside help.

Again, RevMob is ahead of the game.  We are already building rich media creative for a Fortune 500 company here in Brazil and will be leveraging our knowledge to more brands in the future.

So that was my key takeaway from MWC.  Big brands are looking to enter the space but they’re not sure how to gain the most from mobile advertising.  The industry needs to teach them.

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