Mobile Advertising this week – AdColony’s VP interview on mobile market



AdColony’s VP, Jon Hook, spoke this week about the mobile advertising market to “The Drum”. The executive commented that the mobile advertising market remains “untapped”, mainly because of shady measurement standards, lack of transparency and complex jargons.

This brings us to another recurrent idea in mobile advertising: When will the leading companies, come up with common, transparent and simple ad-viewability and anti-fraud standards? Ad spending keeps growing, but for how long? Many advertisers now avoid ad-networks. This happens because it is insanely easy to become an ad-network – at least a very simple one. All you need is a nice website and a HasOffers account.

What is hard is to be a trusted network, capable of not only paying its customers and partners but also of developing technology and helping the market to become more mature. Eventually, the market will condensate, as it gets more complex and its oversight gets tighter, but will it also improve current standards of viewability and fraud? Share your thoughts with us 🙂

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