Mobile Advertising is booming in Africa!


Mobile subscriptions are on the rise in Africa. More than 557 million subscriptions exist now, according to MobyAffiliates, an increase of 180 million subscriptions if compared to 2015. However, even with a large number of phones and the economic rise of the African continent, mobile marketing has a lot of space to grow in Africa.

Usually, SMS and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) are the preferred methods to advertise in Africa, but mobile advertising is catching up for banner and interstitials, especially in markets where the mobile cellular connection is better, such as South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt. Also, Android is the undisputable king in Africa, due to its lower price when we compare to other ecosystems, but only for smartphones. Non-smart devices actually dominate the market,  and that is what makes SMS advertising so effective in Africa. However, smartphones using android will surpass non-smart devices in the upcoming years and this is a great opportunity for those willing to create apps for a market that isn’t saturated as Asia, North America, and Europe.

According to a research by OperaMediaWorks, Africa leading advertisers are credit card companies, mobile apps and games, besides traditional and mobile internet providers. Below we can see a list of ad verticals performing among the top 10 for impressions served, CTR and revenue protection.



Could you share with us your thoughts? Do you plan to make an app focused on the African market?





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