5 takeaways from Mobbo’s “The State of Mobile Monetization” Report



Mobbo recently published its white paper on the mobile advertising market in 2016. While the market keeps growing, especially for in-app monetization, many challenges are expected for developers and key market players in the upcoming years. Here are our 5 keypoints of this report:



1- The U.S stills the undisputed leader in mobile advertising. 


While many hail the expansion of mobile advertising in emerging markets, the United States stills the leader in both spend and engagement. This happens due to the solid data infrastructure in the U.S, the widespread use of credit cards in online transactions and to the fact that Americans are crazy about their smartphones and use them on a daily basis to do a wide range of tasks.



2- 78% of the “Top Overall” ranked apps on Android and 55% on iOS have implemented at least one In-App Advertising SDK 




Mobile advertising is becoming a must for developers. According to Mobbo, Top ranked apps are prone to use mobile advertising as a tool to improve their revenue. This may happen in a incremental or major way, but it’s clear that due to ad formats such as native and rewarded video, users are engaging more with ads, which may drive more revenue to developers 🙂


3- Paid apps? iOS is the king. 



The iOS platform is the king when we talk about paid apps. It offers 2.5x more paid applications and games than the Google Play Store. This happens due to the fact that iOS clients normally – especially out of the United States – have higher incomes and are more inclined to buy software.


4- Unity is the king – if you are looking towards games. 



Unity is, by far, the most present development platform for Android. 28% of all games monetized, according to the Mobbo report, use Unity engine, which also comes with their in-app monetization solution.



5- Revmob is one of the Top Networks for Android 


And, yes, we were also featured on the report 🙂 — Revmob has the lowest uninstall rate of all Android networks. Figure out why by yourself, sign-up now 🙂




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