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Dmexco is one of the biggest events for tech and mobile enthusiasts in Europe. Team Revmob was present, and we’ve selected the highlights of the event for you.

Dmexco was held in Cologne, Germany. Europe’s richest country is also home to many of the biggest players in the ad-tech market and Dmexco showed many of the upcoming tech trends for the european summer.


Our team: Alexandre Alvares (Partnerships Manager) and Hugo Meneses (Senior Business Development Manager)


VR, apps and augmented-reality were omnipresent at the event, while many discussions and panels centered into very interesting debates such as creative economy and how the world is changing due to the increasingly advanced technologies that are around us.

Regarding mobile advertising and ad-tech Dmexco was centered into one key discussion: Ad-blockers.  Germany-based company Eyeo GmBH was in the center of the most polemic discussion at Dmexco. The company is the owner of one of the most used ad-blockers worldwide, but it launched a new platform called “Acceptable Ads”, which would serve pre-vetted ads that are shown to people that have their adblocker installed.

On the cornerstone of this new polemic is what this German startup made. They initially were an ad-blocker, growing their user base by blocking ads. Now, as they filter “acceptable” ads into their platform, they are basically an ad-company (a SSP, for example).

This generated reactions from many publishers, advertisers and even for Google, which stated that they are not interested in a business relationship with a company that does what Eyeo does. Google’s SVP of ads and commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy stated that they (Acceptable Ads) will not be present at their AdExchange platform.

AppNexus CEO, Brian O’Kelley, another former business partner of Eyeo, also stated that: “While we respect consumers’ desire to use ad-blocking software, we absolutely do not believe that ad-blocking software should ransom advertising space in order to monetize consumer trust.”

Despite the polemics, Dmexco was great. Revmob team managed to find old partners and foster new relationships. What we’ve seen regarding trends is almost the same that we’ve noticed at GDC: VR, apps and bots are poised to take over the world. What do you think?

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