How to Choose a Mobile Ad Network

Mobile advertising is projected to top $100 billion in 2016 and account for more than half of all digital ads for the first time, according to eMarketer. So if you’re trying to monetize your mobile app and take advantage of the growing market, what’s the best way to go about it?

Mobile ad networks provide enormous amounts of information to users and help you reach the exact demographics you need or want to target. Here are some important criteria to look for to choose the best one:

  1. High Fill rate

A fill rate represents the rate at which a publisher has successfully sent and received a request for a full ad impression from an ad network. The higher the fill rate of your mobile ad network, the more often your ads are being filled.

You’ll also want to consider the demographics of your user audience. For example, if most of your targeted users are in North America, you should make the mobile ad network you choose has a high fill rate in this region to advertising at full potential.

You should aim for a monetization partner that has had consistently high fill rates in the regions you are most interested in.

  1. High eCPMs

eCPMs are a great way to measure ad performance. eCPM is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. A mobile ad network with high eCPMs means more revenue from each ad campaign and more ad value. Make sure your mobile ad network is among the top in the industry to guarantee maximum revenue.

  1. Full-Featured SDK

Rich media and video advertising capabilities as well as enhanced algorithms for targeted user acquisition are important SDK features. More engaging ads mean more money for advertisers. Rich media capabilities means ads can have movement that surprises and engages users, with objects appearing from any side of the screen or expanding, floating and fading.

Despite all these features, you should be able to upload the SDK and get your first ad out to users in just a few minutes.

  1. User-Friendly Dashboard

Your mobile ad network’s dashboard should be simple and easy to understand but should also provide you with detailed information that will help you get the most ROI from your mobile ad campaigns. Make sure that the network has the following dashboard features:

  • Country Breakdown per Parameter: A world map where the user chooses a parameter (impressions, clicks, eCPM, etc.) and date range to see how the app is performing globally.
  • Media Breakdown per Country and per Campaign Type: When the user clicks on an app or website to see its performance, they should be able to view overall data, its performance per campaign type (how many impressions were from pay-per-click campaigns, how many clicks were form pay-per-install campaigns) and country-specific data.
  • Full Report with Breakdown per Country: A full report that lets users view and export reports for all-time or select date ranges as well as filter by media types and country.

As you might imagine, RevMob meets all the above criteria and more.  Let us know if you think there are other important “checkmarks” in selecting a mobile ad network!

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