Revmob @MAU Vegas 2017


Revmob is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring MAU Las Vegas 2017 (May 3-4). Our team will be present there to discuss the best tools for you to grow your app and improve your revenue.

MAU Vegas is one of the biggest events to discuss the market and new trends. So, if you want to be a partner of Revmob or just schedule a meeting, please e-mail us at


Rudy Tarasantchi  (left), our CFO, and Lucas Fedrizzi (right), our Head of Sales for Advertisers will be at MAU Vegas 2017. See you there! 🙂



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Mobile Advertising this week – AdColony’s VP interview on mobile market



AdColony’s VP, Jon Hook, spoke this week about the mobile advertising market to “The Drum”. The executive commented that the mobile advertising market remains “untapped”, mainly because of shady measurement standards, lack of transparency and complex jargons.

This brings us to another recurrent idea in mobile advertising: When will the leading companies, come up with common, transparent and simple ad-viewability and anti-fraud standards? Ad spending keeps growing, but for how long? Many advertisers now avoid ad-networks. This happens because it is insanely easy to become an ad-network – at least a very simple one. All you need is a nice website and a HasOffers account.

What is hard is to be a trusted network, capable of not only paying its customers and partners but also of developing technology and helping the market to become more mature. Eventually, the market will condensate, as it gets more complex and its oversight gets tighter, but will it also improve current standards of viewability and fraud? Share your thoughts with us 🙂

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5 challenges for developers focused in the emerging world

As we know, we are currently watching the shift between the economic centers of the world. The rise of China, an assertive India, an increasingly resurgent Russia and the digitalization of markets such as Latin America and Africa will change the mobile advertising market profoundly in the next years. Here we list the 5 main challenges for developers that do want to focus their apps in these markets:


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Mobile Advertising Overview – 2016


And 2016 is finally coming to an end!

That is why we would like to share the 2016 highlights on mobile advertising with you in a series of posts discussing the most relevant trends of our market in 2016


Ad fraud: Half of digital spend in 2016

Mobile programmatic advertising is poised to take over the world. With the evolution of internet connections, machine learning, and big data, programmatic is becoming a consensus in the market. However, a research made by eMarketer in July 2016 shows that 48% of respondents are concerned about fraud/viewability in the market, while 42% complain of transparency issues, and 41% agree that mobile programmatic lacks measurable ROI. Half of the mobile ad business, worth about $15 billion in the U.S. and $2.1 billion on the U.K., shows signs of fraud. This can, however, happen for many reasons, from tracking problems to server latency.


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What kind of developer are you?



Dear developers,

What kind of developer are you? What are your inspirations? Do you use Mac, Linux or Windows? As a developer, you might have some very unique skills and goals. And mapping them are essential to our market. After all, do you want to know what it takes to be a competitive dev in the future? Which platform will dominate the market in the upcoming future?




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