Revmob @MAU Vegas 2017


Revmob is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring MAU Las Vegas 2017 (May 3-4). Our team will be present there to discuss the best tools for you to grow your app and improve your revenue.

MAU Vegas is one of the biggest events to discuss the market and new trends. So, if you want to be a partner of Revmob or just schedule a meeting, please e-mail us at


Rudy Tarasantchi  (left), our CFO, and Lucas Fedrizzi (right), our Head of Sales for Advertisers will be at MAU Vegas 2017. See you there! 🙂



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Take care of your advertisers: How to avoid targeting issues



This week we’ve seen the enormous outrage by advertisers worldwide when the New York Times discovered that YouTube was displaying ads for their brands in extremist content available at the website. The misplaced ads were from the British newspaper “The Guardian”, but soon further investigation showed that they were not the only brand facing this issue. The damage for YouTube is nothing short of huge. More than 250 advertisers have already left the network due to misplaced ads, while many companies now wonder if their marketing budgets are not being spent showing advertisements on extremist content.


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Mobile Advertising this week – AdColony’s VP interview on mobile market



AdColony’s VP, Jon Hook, spoke this week about the mobile advertising market to “The Drum”. The executive commented that the mobile advertising market remains “untapped”, mainly because of shady measurement standards, lack of transparency and complex jargons.

This brings us to another recurrent idea in mobile advertising: When will the leading companies, come up with common, transparent and simple ad-viewability and anti-fraud standards? Ad spending keeps growing, but for how long? Many advertisers now avoid ad-networks. This happens because it is insanely easy to become an ad-network – at least a very simple one. All you need is a nice website and a HasOffers account.

What is hard is to be a trusted network, capable of not only paying its customers and partners but also of developing technology and helping the market to become more mature. Eventually, the market will condensate, as it gets more complex and its oversight gets tighter, but will it also improve current standards of viewability and fraud? Share your thoughts with us 🙂

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The end of traditional agencies and the upcoming changes in mobile advertising




Let’s assume you are a successful local businessman. You make small improvements to everyday tasks of normal people, producing kitchen utensils. If you were really good, you could make some money. People would start to talk about your service and things eventually would grow. But let’s say that you want to expand more. That you want to make your business a national – or even an international one. 20 years ago it was almost impossible. How could a small business achieve audiences and markets far away from their borders? Theoretically, it was possible by hiring advertising agencies and export consulting professionals, but only very large companies had the money to do it.


So you should give up, alright? 20 years ago it might be true. Not anymore.


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5 challenges for developers focused in the emerging world

As we know, we are currently watching the shift between the economic centers of the world. The rise of China, an assertive India, an increasingly resurgent Russia and the digitalization of markets such as Latin America and Africa will change the mobile advertising market profoundly in the next years. Here we list the 5 main challenges for developers that do want to focus their apps in these markets:


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Mobile Advertising Overview – 2016


And 2016 is finally coming to an end!

That is why we would like to share the 2016 highlights on mobile advertising with you in a series of posts discussing the most relevant trends of our market in 2016


Ad fraud: Half of digital spend in 2016

Mobile programmatic advertising is poised to take over the world. With the evolution of internet connections, machine learning, and big data, programmatic is becoming a consensus in the market. However, a research made by eMarketer in July 2016 shows that 48% of respondents are concerned about fraud/viewability in the market, while 42% complain of transparency issues, and 41% agree that mobile programmatic lacks measurable ROI. Half of the mobile ad business, worth about $15 billion in the U.S. and $2.1 billion on the U.K., shows signs of fraud. This can, however, happen for many reasons, from tracking problems to server latency.


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Revmob Update on Network Security

On Monday, November 28, 2016, Revmob detected unauthorized access into Revmob’s ad network. Several files were affected by this incident and information relating to some customers may have been affected. Since Monday, Revmob has taken immediate corrective actions to investigate and respond to the incident. The incident affects some publishers and advertisers.

Please note all customers impacted received communication from us. If a customer did not receive communication, we had established that information relating to them and their account had not been affected.

At this time, we have no evidence that any unauthorized individual or entities have actually used our customers’ information.  To our knowledge, information in the affected files may or may not include: name, email address, physical address, payment account details, key metrics, campaign data, app data and other data related to Revmob accounts. We are actively working to determine the scope of the incident.

What we are doing

Revmob takes its users’ privacy and information security seriously. The company has taken a variety of measures in response to the incident designed to prevent any future unauthorized access and protect customer information moving forward. The company has:

  • Engaged specialized legal firms to help with the investigation and inform the relevant legal authorities.
  • Engaged leading cybersecurity firms to determine the source of the incident, and account for all potential exposure.
  • Activated contingency measures which include further monitoring of our network for signs of further vulnerabilities or leaks.
  • Participated in a full security review to ensure Revmob’s system is up to the highest compliance standards, has state of the art network protection, and our users’ information remains secure and private.
  • Developed a system update that fixes the identified vulnerability. This was deployed last Thursday, December 1, 2016.

We ask our impacted customers to be aware that phishing scams or other forms of retrieving sensitive or personal information may occur and to be vigilant for any attempts to retrieve this kind of information – no matter whether they come from known or unknown sources.

For more information contact us via



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Join us at GrowthStack 2016 – San Francisco!



Revmob team will be at GrowthStack 2016 in San Francisco, waiting for you to discuss the hottest trends in mobile advertising for 2017. Growthstack will be one of the most exciting events of 2016, helping brands to unleash their complete potential. It will be held at Hilton Union Square San Francisco, on Dec. 8th. If you want to know more about User Acquisition and how to monetize your apps, let us know!  


Meanwhile, share your insights with us. Which was, in your opinion, the biggest surprise in the 2016 startup scene?




See you soon! 🙂

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